What's Your Garden Worth In Food Dollars?

Calculate What a Food Garden is Worth in Dollars!

NO MATTER WHY you’re online right now seeking gardening info, food is probably one of the reasons. Growing it. Eating it. Saving money on it. Getting healthy from it. Trading it. Giving it away. Maybe even selling it.

Whatever your reasons, wherever you are, you can turn your garden into a grocery aisle. So you have a steady, dependable supply of fresh veggies for the longest possible time. To keep you, your family, friends and neighbors, fed.

Typical gardening advice won’t answer how to do that. 

We can show you. Even if you are at the dummy level. Once you know our new way to garden, every time you plan a garden, grow a garden, work in a garden, you’ll be able to answer this: 

What's the dollar value of the food you are growing?

Once you know this new way of gardening, you'll be able to value the veggies you grow. So you know what you are really saving on your food bills. Or what you can barter your harvest for. Or even stock your own stand at your local farmers market. No complicated spreadsheets or formulas required. You just need to garden a lot differently than what Google says.
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