$100k Program – Grow Your Way To $100k
Discover how to:
  • Farm design guidelines to maximize production  
  • Which high-value crops to grow - some make 3x more than other crops
  • Powerful marketing & farm stand techniches to double your sales
  • Revenue targeting formulas to produce steady cashflow & pricing techniques to reel in customers
  • Harvest professional and prep for market faster with protocols
"Backyard Riches gave me a whole new way to think about farming. That is, farming with an eye to real income, without needing the investment of large acres and huge debt. As a long-time grower for family and friends, I never thought I was "big" enough to be a farmer. This was my "Ah ha!" moment. "

Barb McKillip, Mountain View Meadow Farm, Elbert CO
This comprehensive program gives you everything you need to build a solid business and make 5 figures in your first year. 18 different eBooks show you how to achieve a specific income target. Start with whichever one suits you best. 
Was $997,  Now Only  $499.00 with 30 Day Free Trial Membership then $7.97 per month after trial, cancel anytime. 

30 Day Free Trial Membership Includes: All access pass to the membership meetup open house replay webinars, access to our very active private Facebook group where you can get tips and one on one help and access to all your downloadable products.
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Here's What You'll Learn In the 18 eBooks
The $100k Program will teach you how to:
  • Design guidelines to maximize production 
  • A relay planting concept that produces a consistent supply of a wide variety of vegetables for the longest possible time without costly season extension
  • Which high-value crops to grow 
  • Which gear and tools you need, and their costs
  • Day-to-day workflow to manage all the various growing and operational tasks
  • Professional grade harvesting and prepping for market protocols
  • Pricing schemes
  • Best marketing practices
  • Multiple sales channel to choose from
  • Revenue targeting formulas to produce steady cashflow
  • A lexicon that provides the framework for thinking like a pro
Learn about SPIN-Farming, marketing, design and more!

With this program you get these step-by-step guides:
  • Guide # 1 - Overview of the SPIN-Farming system
  • Guide # 2 - Establishing a land base, City Farming’s Competitive Advantages, and SPIN Farm design
  • Guide # 3 – SPIN Tools and Investments
  • Guide # 4 - Key SPIN Concepts
  • Guide # 5 - SPIN Grower’s Guide
  • Guide # 6 – SPIN Work Flow Practices
  • Guide # 7 – SPIN Marketing
  • Guide # 8 - Hobby Farm: how to earn $10,000 - $20,000 gross income on 5,000 square feet (1/8 acre)
  • Guide # 9 - Intermediate Farm: how to earn $54,000 gross income on (20,000 square feet ( ½ acre) )
  • Guide # 10 - Deluxe Farm: how to earn $65,000 gross income on 40,000 square feet (1 acre)
  • Guide # 11 – Leafy Greens – how to earn $24,000 gross income on 6,500 sq. ft
  • Guide # 12 – Garlic – how to earn $23,250 gross income on 6,000 sq. ft.
  • Guide # 13 – Carrots and Potatoes - how to earn $32,000 gross income on 40,000 sq. ft (1 acre)
  • Guide # 14 – Lettuces, Salad Mixes, Radish, Scallion & Spinach- how to earn $35,000 gross income on 10,000 sq. ft. (14/ acre)
  • Guide # 15 – Flowers - how to earn $33,750 gross income on 6,500 sq. ft
  • Guide # 16 – Four season marketing – how to earn $30,000 gross income in winter without increasing your growing space or buying expensive season extenders
  • Guide # 17 – Production Planning - Graduate from using standard size beds to 1,000 sq. ft. segments to maximize production and income
  • Guide # 18 – Crop Profiles - 40 individual crop profiles tell you production and revenue benchmarks you should strive for, and translates the conventional planting recommendations used by seed catalogs to SPIN-Farming's standard size beds and segments.
Instant access to our exclusive community of successful backyard growers
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"The Backyard Riches community and learning programs show you how to make a profit by effectively managing your land base, resources and work flow, and get to market fast. Your learning curve goes from years and decades, to days, weeks and months." 

- John Sealander, Blue Ribbon Eggs , Franklin NC
Our community includes the following awesome benefits:
  • Over 30+ Training Videos and 32 Membership Meetup Videos - Over 60 Hours in Content!
  • A private facebook group for asking questions to the experts!
  • Early access to new money making products
  • A list of locations to buy tools and equipment at the best prices!
  • A list of vendors that have special pricing on seeds for you!
  • Access to special monthly training seminars from SPIN’s founders and other experts across the world
  • Special offers for one on one coaching to supercharge your BackYard Riches business
Testimonials: Look What Our Customers Have To Say
"I sold 11 bags of one crop and 6 bags of another crop. I'm so pleased because I am one of those shy people that have a hard time marketing myself. But I actually had fun at market! I found that it was something that I could easily handle and felt confident about doing it again with more crops."
"I received absolutely raving reviews on my product. Everyone I spoke with who bought a bag thought it was delicious. We will certainly be having repeat customers. It’s a product that sells itself."

My goal is to perfect my work flow and record keeping so that I can double my income to $2,000 a week."
We know the feeling of seeing a great program and wanting to try it but being concerned if it will really work for you. We want you to not worry about trying the $100K program so we’re making it risk free. We are going to offer a Money Back 30 Day Guarantee. That’s right. 30 days.

If you join our community of gardeners, read our system, and try it but don’t think it’s worth the $499.00 you paid, just contact our customer service department within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund your money right away. We want to make this an easy decision to Try It Risk Free.
Includes 30 days of Free access to the private membership portal. Cancel anytime or continue at the discounted rate of $7.97/month
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